Sometimes you need a reminder that you can conquer the day so that you can walk a little taller to your next meeting or head to the gym instead of lying on the couch for another hour. Use the power of suggestion to boost your confidence and accomplish any goal you set for yourself. Incorporate positive affirmations into your home décor so that you can wake up feeling like you can do anything.

Start by crocheting positive affirmations on essential pieces of home décor like blankets and pillows. Any woman would appreciate her own boss lady pillow made with Bernat Blanket yarn as a daily reminder that she is capable and talented when it comes to her professional career, along with other aspects of her life. You can find plenty of Bernat Blanket yarns on the website Yarnspirations, the one-stop online store for people who love to crochet, knit and craft in their spare time. They have simple crochet patterns that can inspire your pillow designs that are free of charge. You should go to their website to browse through their huge selection of Bernat yarn and order all of the materials that you need straight away so that you can make your very own motivational throw-pillow as soon as possible.

You can also put together personalized motivational posters to stick on the walls of your house, especially for spaces that require extra attention like your home office or work-out room. You don’t have to sacrifice your interior design for the sake of emotional positivity because your posters can be as artistic and stylish as you want. When you have free time on the weekend, you can make pretty DIY wall art with a meaningful quote or an important motto on it using a blank canvas, acrylic paint and some double-sided adhesive paper. This way you can take the special message to heart every time you walk past that particular room.

You want to insert these messages into your home décor because you want to consciously and subconsciously influence positive thinking. The constant presence is meant to combat any negative thoughts that tell you are going to fail at an ambition or that you don’t deserve satisfaction — these beliefs will poorly influence your self-esteem and sabotage your personal progress. You should focus on affirmations for confidence and self-acceptance so that those pessimistic ideas stop blocking you from moving forward with your job, your health, your relationships and your passions. If you are having trouble coming up with what to tell yourself every day, think about picking one of these sayings:

  • Fear of failure does not control me
  • I teach others to believe in me by believing in myself
  • I will make the most of today


One of the most important things to remember about positive affirmations is that you should never use the word try because it leaves room for doubt and could be an excuse not to listen. If you want to rise to an occasion, create a self-fulfilling prophecy by telling yourself you can and will do it.