VapingQuitting cigarettes is in the list of most common New Year resolutions, millions of persons try to quit smoking in the first few months of the year but sadly, most people fail when trying to go cold turkey or trying the alternatives

However, if you’re looking to make 2018 your last year of smoking cigarettes, you better start researching on new options.

Luckily, there’s a contender for the best alternative to smoking, that according to researchers and several studies, is not only less harmful but cheaper than cigarettes and the best way to transition from regular tobacco.

The alternative you should start researching is vaping, and in this article, you’ll find some of the reasons why you should get a VIP e-cigarette to change your smoking habits to vaping habits.

What’s Vaping?

Unlike smoking, where you inhale the smoke of the burning cigarette, vaping involves inhaling the vapor of different liquids containing tobacco and various substances.

The key difference that’s turning smokers to vapers comes from the fact that most of the damage of smoking comes from the harmful toxins and chemicals produced by burning the cigar.

With vaping, you get to choose what you inhale while reducing the risk of pulmonary diseases.

Switching From Smoking to Vaping

For some, the process of switching habits is as simple as changing from their traditional cigarettes to an electronic cigar, a slight change of method but not of experience.

To others, vaping may feel like a completely different experience since the vapor, the taste, the chemicals, and even the way of inhaling is slightly different.

Whether it takes you a couple of weeks to adapt or quickly find your way through e-cigarettes, you’ll immediately start benefiting of this new habit.

Benefits of Vaping Over Traditional Smoking

Talking about smoking vs. vaping is a controversial topic nowadays, especially since millions of users changed from one habit to the other and are praising the benefits of vaping.

What you should know is that both habits are harmful to humans, they both have a risk of causing pulmonary disease and other complications.

However, the risk of vaping is much lower than that of smoking, especially if you choose carefully the liquids you’re going to vape.

The other main benefit of vaping is that you can quickly lower the nicotine concentration that you consume each day without reducing the number of vapes you take, so you can eventually ditch the addictive taste of nicotine without losing your habit of taking a break to vape.

Last but not least, the cost of vaping might seem higher, but when you take into account the long run, smoking will always cost more than the initial price of a VIP e-cigarette and your e-juice charges.

What to Get for Your First Vaping Experience

If you’re a beginner and you’re just starting out choosing a device to start vaping you should probably try out a friend’s e-cigarette or go to a store and take a sample since you might be in the tiny group of persons who completely dislikes the taste and feel of vaping.

Once you’re set on making the change, you might want to take a look at some of the VIP e-cigarette available in the market. From the common cigar-looking devices to the expensive and highly customizable

Where to Buy an E-Cigarette

Currently, there are dozens of stores that sell high-quality vaporizers, from local stores that will help you choose from the vast selection of devices to specialized online stores that will sell you the very best of e-cigarettes.

Make sure to research what you’re going to buy and don’t buy a device just for looks, always take a look at what kind of material you can vape, the prices of cartridges and charges, plus the quality of the device.

If you take the first step today and start researching this great alternative to smoking, you’ll be able to complete your next year resolution of leaving smoking behind in 2018.