Is your child a brainiac with a knack for operating the internet, always helping you navigate through different websites? This is all very good and well if your child is of age, however if your kid is under the age of 18, they might fall victim to the darker side of the internet. To help your little internet user stay safe, here is how you can monitor your child and some of these parenting tips are also for you.

Look at the Download Folders

You can monitor your child by observing what is being downloaded when you access the PC’s recently downloaded folder. Psychologists say it is better for a parent to be honest telling them that they will be monitored, however, they shouldn’t divulge how they will be monitoring their kids.

Everything needs to be downloaded and if they are visiting restricted sites or if they are underage, you will need to know. Sites like Novibet use the best gaming technologies from avoiding and not allowing minors to sign up, but nothing stops you as a parent from playing a few popular online casino games.

Limit Their Online Time

Limit your child’s time online by stating allocated times during the day which allows them an hour or so doing homework or social gaming. During this time you can take small anti-invasive breaks and keep a close eye on your child. Try to keep the evenings for online time as minimal as possible rather opting for day time play. Either way, this time should be monitored regardless of it being night or day.

Education is Key

They say knowledge is power, so education must be the key to unlocking it. As such, the internet allows young minds to grow exceptionally fast with the vast amount of resources available online. You can opt to download educational games and programs for your children to watch when they request additional time online.

Why do we monitor our children? We do this so they don’t fall victim to nefarious activity which involves predators or even potential kidnappers. We also want them to remain smart and not become complete reliant on the internet for entertainment. The main aim is to keep your internet savvy child protected, but well-informed. The internet can be incredibly dark and you don’t want to see that darkness in your child’s eyes. So stay up to date with internet trends to identify what should be the cause for any alarm.