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The state of Rajasthan is not restricted to its beautiful capital when beautiful night places are concerned. The city of Udaipur has tons of places to explore which makes the city come alive during night time leaving an everlasting experience on the minds of the visitors.

Udaipur Tour Package will make you visit the most hyped lake in Udaipur provides the quiet perspective of the FatehSagar Lake, surrounding Aravalli range. From the primary Walkway or FatehSagar or Rani Road, you can watch the attractive blossoming sunshine; you can never be disappointed with your decision of visiting the locations around FatehSagar.

Get the Expert Assistance of Our Tour Packages 

All these places need expert assistance to carve the most out of the scenery they offer and the Udaipur Tour Package ensure the experience remains authentic and satisfactory for the visitors. You can rest on the top and adore the views from the Pearl Hill which offers the most stunning aerial views of the town. It also provides an opportunity to remember the Rajput Hero MaharanaPratap and tell his stories to promote his cache forces and his gallantry achievements. Every evening, a light and sound show is held for the visitors, they are to be cherished with the timings in the winter at 7:30 and in the summer at 8:15.

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Devote Some Time to Spirituality

Udaipur’s Vaishno Mata: the people of Udaipur worship Neemach Mata with grace; to witness the beauty at its best one must climb a hill to welcome the Goddess. Stairs can easily reach the summit of the mountain. Once you have reached the temple you can see the most beautiful opinions of the town; Goddess and the wild wind also bless you all at once. 

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Witness the Beauty of Dusk 

What better than witnessing the darkness wrapping the beauty of dusk of the city of Udaipur from a fortress? You will also love the Mewar Light and Sound Show after seeing the sunset at the Pichola Lake from the top of the fort. Jaisalmer Tour Package include the show and the timing of the shows is as follows: Honorary Legacy: 7pm-20pm, YashkiDharohar: 8pm-9pm. Watch the sun lose its brightness as Pichola Lake Palace as it lit the water at dusk! One can simply take a boat trip across the lake on the primary path of Lake Pichola. Do not forget to discover the Palace in the water, which adds to the lake’s appeal. These places come alive at night adding a flare to the mesmerizing beauty to the city of Udaipur. There are several other places to visit in the night to completely indulge in the nightlife in Udaipur. The Udaipur Tour Package ensures a once in a lifetime experience for the visitors under an affordable price range. Any person interested in exploring the beauty of Udaipur must avail Udaipur Tour Package.