Pros and Cons of Having Children

Having children is a great responsibility, and couples should really think whether they want to bring a child into this world or not. It is a decision that will change their lives forever. Not only are both parties involved, but this time they are going to have to be responsible for someone else other than themselves. Parenting has never been easy, and it does lead to significant changes in the couples lifestyles.However, being a parent is incredibly rewarding as well, you are guiding a new human being into becoming a person on their own, you essentially shape their lives.

Before stepping into this stage of your life, revise the pros and cons of having children to identify if it is for you, or if maybe you aren’t as ready as you think.


  1. You bring life into the world

Once you have a kid, your view of the world just changes. Everything that you thought it once mattered you’ll realize that there are more important things.This rewarding experience of becoming a parent makes a person care for someone else other than themselves. No parent will ever tell you that they regret having their child because once they have one, it absolutely changes their world.

  1. Love unconditionally, and be loved unconditionally

There is nothing in this world that you will love more, than your own child. Being able to provide him or her with all your unconditional love, just means that they are going to grow up loving you right back as well. You will create a bond with this little person that you won’t find with anybody else, and you’ll be thankful for the rest of your life for it.

  1. Strengthens your relationship with your partner

While for some people it is a bump along the road, for some partners is the best thing that could ever happened to them. A child is a reinforcement of your love for one another, and you’ll be able to create new experiences that you’ll only be able to share with each other.It deepens relationships within the family because a baby brings everyone together.


  1. You’ll always be tired

Fatigue is not only a myth, it’s real. Starting right after your child is born, your sleeping schedule will never be what it used to be before. Kids have a completely different sleeping schedule since they are born, and this will exhaust some parents until they don’t have energy for anything else other than carrying their own child.

  1. Affects your relationship

Having a child can affect the relationship that you have with your partner, not only because now you are three instead of two, but often a child will bring problems that before the parents hadn’t encountered before. Once you have a child, the baby becomes the priority, and your relationship secondary, which is why many partners often struggle with this, given that they barely have time for each other.

  1. You have to make life decisions based on what’s best for someone else, rather than for yourself

When you become a parent, there is a child that depends entirely on you. You have to put your own selfish desires behind, and take every decision that best fits your child. This might not sound so bad, however often this implicates making sacrifices: passing up on a job opportunity in another city, having to stay in a marriage that is no longer working for the sake of your child, losing friendships for lack of time, etc.