Updating your home doesn’t always come cheap but there are many options that don’t have to break the bank. Whether you want to spruce up your living room, declutter your wardrobe or sort out that neglected spare room, you can achieve this with some home DIY projects.


If your house is full of clutter, it’s time for you to sort it out once and for all with some DIY projects that are specifically designed to tackle the messiest spaces in your home. Here are our top simple storage hacks:

  1. No matter what sort of house you have, we could all do with little more storage space. Built in shelves are great for this.
  1. For the coats and jackets that just won’t fit in your wardrobe, make a DIY clothing rack. The best material for this copper because it is flexible and easy to use. This would look perfect hanging from the bottom of one of your cabinets or on a high shelf.
  1. If you are looking for a stylish yet compact and practical space to store your DVDs, books or family photo collection make yourself a storage bench. Using plywood, paint and a nail gun you can transform your old bookcase into a sturdy bench with storage underneath. Perfect for tucking in your entry hallway, at the foot of your bed or in the living room.

If you are lacking storage in the bedroom, take a look at Divan Beds Centre’s bed bases who provide a huge range of beds with storage underneath.

DIY wooden headboard

A reclaimed wooden bed is a great way to create and original and distinctive headboard. This can create a rustic look for your bedroom as you can combine different shades of wood together. The colours of the wood will add texture to your room without dominating the decor you already have. Try this guide for inspiration.

New flooring

These days hardwood flooring is the new desirable home feature. Whilst most of us have wall to wall carpet this could be a great chance for you to rip it out and enjoy what lies underneath. Carpet is relatively easy to lift up, you will just need a decent knife and some gloves, as this can be hard work for your hands. You will also need to lift the underlay in the same way as the carpet.

If the floor underneath is looking worn and damaged you might want install some laminate flooring. You don’t need to get a professional in for this, just follow a guide and your room will soon look brand new.

Sliding pantry

That skinny space between the fridge and the wall can be a great spot for a sliding pantry. This can hold canned goods, spices and other non-perishables. This will free up counter and cupboard space for you. Check out this handy guide by Instructables and build your own in no time.