Speeding Infraction

With the new year comes new reasons to seek the advice of the best speeding ticket lawyer or a traffic lawyer San Francisco. When the ball dropped on New Year’s Eve, it signified the end of 2019 and the ushering in of new California laws for all drivers to be aware of. While there weren’t many changes, and you still need to obey the routine traffic laws, there was enough of a difference that it requires some attention before heading out to the DMV or to work in the morning. Therefore, for most California citizens, there are a total of five new rules to remember in the new year.

1. No Selling DMV Appointments

Whether you were ever tempted or participated in the practice of selling your DMV appointment, the passing of AB 317 now makes it illegal, meaning that such activities will leave you in need of a Los Angeles traffic lawyer. While not often practiced by individuals, there were several companies involved in the sale of appointments. The DMV already provides customers with the option of schedule appointments in advance for free. Therefore, to make the process fair to everyone, the sale of reservations has been unanimously ruled illegal.

2. Access to High Occupancy Lanes

The new laws SB 957 and SB544 grant access to high occupancy lanes to used vehicles that previously held a green or white clean air sticker or low-emission and transitional zero-emission vehicles. However, this access is limited to only about four years, until January 1, 2024. Also, when talking about used cars, the owner must be new and receive 80% or less of the projected median income of the state.

3. Limitations on Court Overreach

Next, have you ever had your license revoked, restricted or delayed because of a conviction of vandalism, prostitution or other non-driving offense? The new AB485 law prohibits the court’s ability to inflict such punishment on non-driving crimes. Therefore, criminal acts, such as vandalism, will no longer equate to restricted or revoke driving privileges.

4. Scooter Accessibility

Before 2020, if you wanted to operate a motorized scooter, you were required to obtain a Class M license. The newly enacted law AB1810 now permits any person with a valid license to operate such vehicles without the need for a secondary license.

5. Passing Distance for Waste Services Vehicles

The new laws of 2020 are meant to make things easier, safer and more effective for everyone, including public workers, such as waste services. Therefore, the state enacted AB2115 to help protect these vulnerable workers. The new law stipulates that if you are approaching or passing a waste service vehicle, you must make a lane change and pass at a safe distance.

While the new year has brought about some changes to California driving and motor vehicle laws, it is necessary to remember that the enacted laws are meant to protect the public and prevent abuses of public services and servants. While this is not an extensive list of all the changes to California law, it is a list of the most essential changes. However, if you would like to discuss these traffic laws or others at length, then contact a local traffic attorney.