It can be very difficult to properly monitor how well your website is performing, particularly if you have a limited budget. owners of large websites invest thousands of dollars in delivering information right way, developing proprietary software, and so on and they still often don’t get as many visitors as they would like. Yet, if you are on a budget, the only thing you really need to use is Google. Best of all, Google is completely free. According to Steven Scott Google Analytics is possibly the most important free tool at your disposal.

Steven Scott Google Analytics Tools

As soon as you set up your account with Google Analytics, you will be requested to place a little bit of code on your website. Google will provide you with full instructions on how to do this. As soon as you have done it, you will have access to very important statistics and you will be able to share these statistics with others as well. Everything will be displayed neatly on your dashboard and you will be able to go through all sorts of fascinating data about your website and your visitors. You can find out where your visitors heal from geographically, how they found your website, which websites referred to you, which keywords linked to you, and so on.

All website owners but particularly those who own websites that are geo-specific, will absolutely loved the world map provided with Google Analytics. This allows you to see statistics for Global usage in a way that is very visually appealing, allowing you to instantly see how you are performing in different parts of the world. The site of relay is also very important, providing you with details about whether or not your users are meeting the goals that you have set for them.

Goals are quite complex to understand as you need to set them up together with yourself for no, essentially telling a system what your aim or results are but not telling your page visitors about this specifically. For instance, you could want to see at least 100 newly completed contact forms every week. The funnel is the route that an individual needs to take in order to get to that goal. Through Google Analytics, you can see whether you have set your phone up properly or not.

Google Analytics haven’t been made by Google means that everything is shown to you in a graphical form that is very easy to understand and very pleasing to the eye. Additionally, you can manipulate the way to date as presented to you in a variety of different ways. Perhaps you like flow charts, pie charts, lists, or graphs. Either way, it can be presented to you in the manner that you find easiest to understand. The best thing is that you simply cannot go wrong with Google Analytics. The only concern is that you might spend a few hours looking for things that you didn’t need at all, but that has no impact on the overall performance of your website. It literally is a tool to provide you with a statistical overview of your site, enabling you to improve where needed.