As you probably know, Standard Luggage Co. specializes in travel gear. Right from the start, the company strived for excellence, as they’ve pushed the envelope of design with each of their products. This Canadian based manufacturer was founded back in March 2015, and similar to many other successful businesses, they used Kickstarter to launch their campaign.

Customers recognized the potential from the start, and they’ve been supporting the company’s goals ever since. Standard’s designers are also passionate travelers themselves, and they’ve used their extensive experiences to create the best products for digital nomads around the globe.


Standard’s Carry-on Backpack

The travel backpack was the first product that broke the ice, and it’s been the company’s bread and butter ever since. With all the features an experienced traveler might need, this backpack has been collecting one positive review after another.

Its design is very modern and yet stylish, but practicality remains the number one priority. While this carry-on will fit inside almost every major carrier’s cabin, it still offers plenty of space; up to 45L in capacity when fully expanded.

Packing Cube Set

What’s the secret to smart packing? Staying organized at all times! With Standard’s Packing Cube Set, this becomes an easy task. If you had to find the most annoying thing about traveling, it would certainly be the unpacking. Fortunately, with packing cubes, you won’t have to go through this. Each individual cube can be used as a hanging dresser, which makes your job a whole lot easier.

Because every cube has a mesh surface, your clothes will breath, and you’ll be able to pick and choose your combinations without having to open each and every one. With their modular design, they fit perfectly with other Standard’s products, such as the carry-on backpack.

Backpack Packing Cube

Some individuals like to travel extremely light, and they will certainly love this revolutionary product. This lightweight, multi-purpose backpack is also very durable and easy to clean. Built from the strong nylon materials, it doesn’t take up a ton of space, and yet, the practicality is also top notch.

Packing Cube also has dual functionality. It’s a great replacement for your heavy luggage, but it can also be transformed into a practical backpack in a manner of seconds. Its 8L capacity might not sound much, but it has plenty of space for your gadgets, such as phones or tablets, and its outside pocket is ideal for your water bottle or cameras.

Leather Travel Wallet

Every traveler’s worst fear is to reach into their pockets, only to find out that their passport is missing. Luckily, Standard thought of a solution that will put an end to this nightmare. Their stylish leather wallet also doubles up as a passport holder, with its especially dedicated compartment. Naturally, it’s also big enough to hold most of the world’s currencies, but will fit snugly into your pocket.

What separates it from the competition are some brilliant features, one of them being the famous RFID blocker, keeping all of your personal data safe from any unwanted access. Despite its minimalistic design, Standard’s designers also found a way to include a small ballpoint pen on the inside. What a clever solution!

Daily Backpack

Standard’s designers realize just how difficult it is to create one backpack to fit everyone’s needs. That’s why they tested this product time and time again, until they perfected it completely. The daily backpack is a great looking bag which doubles up as a briefcase, as well as a messenger bag, if needed.

It also has some tremendous gadgets, such as an RFID blocker, and an integrated USB charging port! The fully lockable zips are ideal for adding another layer of safety, and the cushioned straps and back make it extremely comfortable to carry around.

Customer care

At Standard Luggage Co. keeping the customers happy has always been the number one priority. That’s why the company offers Free Worldwide Shipping, as well as Lifetime Warranty and Satisfaction Guarantee. With this in mind, it’s no wonder why the quality of workmanship is always top notch with their products.