Top 5 Best Motorcycle Riding Destinations in Australia

The golden world of wild animal species, poisonous snakes, giant spiders, 360-degree seasonal changes, and a complete world of its own, Australia is known to be the land that offers something for everyone. From coast to beaches, bottom, top, and in between you will see Australia filled with breathtaking sights, exceptional landscapes, and magnificent sceneries. Australia might not offer something historical that can interest people who are into history and archaeology but it offers wonderful experiences for adventurous souls. As a motorcycle owner who feels emotionally attached to the adventure and quest for wanderlust, Australia offers a complete experience for the adventurous soul in you.

Most people think about motorcycle rides and only think about the motorcycle clubs in the US and their passion for motorcycle culture. People even think that motorcycle fashion is only linked with the US. However, there is so much more than Australia can offer as compared to other countries like the USA. There are so many choices and locations that you can visit that most people feel overwhelmed when they are in the decision-making process. For people living in Australia, we have assembled a list that can help them visit some of the noteworthy places. Most of these places have natural views so if you are into photography, make sure to bring your camera along.

Top Ten Places to Add To Your Bucket List

As we have already discussed, there are so many amazing places that one feels overwhelmed when it comes to decision making. However, we need to keep in mind that planning and packing is very important. Research about the location along with places to stay, famous places to visit and activities so that you do not feel bored.

Great Ocean Road, Victoria

Number one on our list is the most famous and popular rides. This road stretches up to 120 km and has a stunning view. If you look at the aerial view of this road, you will feel like it is a place straight out of a Hollywood movie scene. A little challenging for the beginner, this road is a little congested and filled with riders throughout the year. However, if you are into photography, you will enjoy your time. The best part about this road is the quietness and the view that offers complete tranquility.

Kangaroo Valley Ride, New South Wales

As Australians, one thing we all share is our passion for kangaroos. Exceptionally diverse and scenic, kangaroos valley ride offers national park, waterfall, coastal road, and much more. If you are into adventure sports, you will love this ride. If you are with your family, try exploring everything because this place offers something for everyone. One thing we can guarantee is you will never get tired of this airports guide.

Oxley Highway, New South Wales

Straight out of a teen mystery drama this place is a heaven for introverts and photographers. Pinterest pictures are filled with abandoned roads in the middle of nowhere filled with beauty, Oxley Highway offers everything that you can dream about a long trip with your close friends. Surrounded by Eye-catching lush forest, this road stretches up to 165 km.

The Lions Road, Queensland

Suburban touch and industrial feel you will feel like a cowboy wandering in the vintage US. While traveling through Lions road you will see why it is commonly known as Scenic Rim. You will be able to feast your eyes on some of the best and exceptionally scenic sights. Stretched at up to 96km, this place is to die for.

The Putty Road, New South Wales

Imagine waking up in a cartoon book where everything is filled with lush greens and the sun is brighter than any other place. You will see some exceptional places and enjoy the view but you especially enjoy the national parks on Putty road. This road stretches up to 177 km and offers the best for everyone. Surrounded by national parks, it offers good family time. You will also be able to visit adjustment 10 miles road which is another incredible road to visit.

Bottom Line

To sum it all up, Australia is one of the most underrated places for its motorcycle-riding scene. There are so many adventurous sports in Australia that most people simply link Australia with swimming and surfing only. However, if you look deeply into the place you will realize that it offers some of the best scenic views that you enjoy. However, you also need to keep in mind that the place you are visiting is motorcycle friendly as well. There are rules that you need to follow and before you select a place make sure to check online reviews. Most people add a location to their bucket list without understanding things about safety. There is no doubt that Australia is a good place for adventures but we can all agree that it is not safe especially if you want to camp. There are poisonous snakes and spiders so before you think about a motorcycle ride, plan your day and find a suitable place to stay and things to pack. These things will help you stay calm in the long run and you will be able to enjoy your overall trip as well.