When buying a lawn mower, most people don’t think about how they will have to replace the lawn mower blades at some point. It may not even cross their mind until they realise that the lawn mower is no longer cutting the grass as it should be. They may have no idea how to replace it, and they will be happy to find out that it isn’t as hard as one would imagine. In fact, it’s actually really easy. There are a lot of options out there, but Flymo plastic blades might be one of the best options because of how cheap they are, how strong the quality is, and how easy they are to reinstall. Here one can find what they need to know about Flymo plastic blades.

They are cheaper than metal blades. How much cheaper are they?

The blades can be found at Spares2you, or any hardware store, and even online, so it’s easy to pick them up on a grocery run or just order them from a lounge chair at home. From Spares2you, Flymo plastic blades can be as cheap as four dollars, while metal blades can be a lot higher priced. Plastic blades do need to be replaced more often, but with how inexpensive they are, it will still not cost much money.

Most lawn mowers already come with plastic blades. When should they be changed?

Most of the time plastic blades are the default of a lawnmower, and it is suggested that they are changed every year before the first time the lawn is mowed. This prevents damaging the grass. If the grass is cut with a dull blade, then in some severe cases it dies, so it is better to change the blade regularly to prevent damage to ones’ yard. A sharp blade will help grass stay green and healthy.

The blades are easy to change. How does one do it?

While it might go without saying, it is very important to make sure that your lawn mower is not turned on or in danger of turning on at any point while changing the blades, it could result in serious injury. It is also important to make sure that the person changing the blade is both knowledgeable and responsible. This will decrease the risk of injury to oneself or of damaging the lawn mower.

Once one is ready, turn the lawn mower at an angle that it will be easy to see the blades. Changing a Flymo plastic blade is really quite easy. One will see that they are inserted into holes that are easy to pop out by simply moving the blades angle. Once they are removed discard immediately to prevent future injury, then you may insert the new blades into the lawn mower. After that, the lawn mower will be ready to be used again, and it will most likely not be necessary to change the blades again until the next mowing season comes around.