It’s no secret that Karamba has been growing exponentially as a casino. It has an available selection of a few hundred games, a fantastic and fun playing environment, and you can easily take it on the go either with an app or through a browser. There are different types of games available too. Traditional games, slots, scratch-cards, and more, are only some of the examples of games you can find in Karamba.

Rewards & Bonuses

While most online casinos offer rewards and bonuses, few are as generous and competitive as Karamba. In Karamba you’ll receive plenty of different rewards and bonuses for doing a variety of things. One of the most compelling aspects about its rewards program is that you’ll have a starting bonus that matches your full deposit up to a maximum of 200 pounds, and one hundred extra spins. This is a very generous bonus that is well above the standard when it comes to bonuses, and it’s not the only bonus available. So make sure to follow those Karamba promo codes before you start playing.

A variety of payment methods

Online casinos differ from regular casinos in several ways, and one of the most important ones is that they pay out differently. Traditional casinos only require you to trade in your earned chips, while online ones need you to connect some kind of payment account. This is usually a hassle, because most online casinos don’t offer a variety of methods like Karamba. Here you’ll be able to use most debit cards like Visa and MasterCard to make deposits, virtual credit cards, e-wallets like Skrill and Neteller, and even a few alternative bank transfer methods. On top of that, the entire process is perfectly secure.

Excellent selection of games

You’ll often find online casinos boasting to have several hundreds of available games. However, that’s quite misleading, since a large portion of the games are merely reskins and copies of already existing games. With Karamba that’s not the case. You’ll be able to play a variety of new and exciting games from many different providers, but you’ll also be able to play classic casino games like baccarat, roulette, and blackjack. Karamba’s stance is that quality always trumps quantity, which is why you’ll find a selection of only excellent games.

Perfect Customer Services

Online services worldwide usually have a reputation of dodgy customer service. It’s true that good customer service is hard to find, which is why Karamba has done its best to find the best customer service available. This service is available almost the entire time, and you can contact them in several ways. You can even contact them via phone. The standard of customer service is incredibly high, and you can expect that any potential issue you might have will be resolved in a timely, and satisfying fashion.

Karamba’s charming mascot is a perfect reflection of the casino. It’s fun, cheerful, and compelling, which is exactly what Karamba is all about. More and more people are flocking to Karamba because it’s one amazing casino, and a complete package.