Last year I was looking to buy a new car and so I decided that it was time to review how much money I was spending, what I was spending it on, and how I could reduce it. Throughout this process you review every aspect of your life and you are forced to prioritize which spends are more important than others. One of the more difficult decisions that I had to make was reducing how much money I spend in my local beauty salon Sono Bello. I didn’t go to the salon on a weekly basis but at least twice per month I would go for a treatment or two. I eventually took the decision to reduce my beauty treatments, but not cut them out entirely and here are my reasons why.


When I go for a beauty treatment, I am made to feel very special, there is a professional who takes their time attending to me and making sure that I have the best experience possible, as well as making me feel beautiful. The result of these treatments is that I feel incredibly confident in myself when I leave the clinic and in the days afterwards. I have to be honest, in terms of what to spend money on, the idea of spending money on feeling confident is an absolute no brainer for me.

Alone Time

The beauty treatments which I have are not just about making myself look beautiful, it is also a great chance for me to get some time to myself. As someone with a large family, that time away from the house, being on my own, and having a particular treatment is absolutely priceless and I wouldn’t change it for the world. It isn’t too often that you get a moment when you can just get away from the world for a while and when you walk into a beauty salon, that is exactly what you will get.

Youthful Looks

Another reason why I think that spending money on beauty treatments makes such sense is because the idea of the majority of the treatments is to make you both look and feel younger. I was worried that if I had 6 months or so without beauty treatments that I would perhaps lose the chance to improve my skin and my body and so that is another reason why I decided to continue with at least one monthly appointment.


They say that money can’t buy you happiness but the truth of the matter is that having a treatment and a day out, really does bring me a great deal of happiness. This is yet another reason why I refused to completely go without beauty treatments and I think that I made a smart choice, and one which makes me a far happier person.

If you aren’t a fan of treatments, give them a go, spend a little money and you’ll soon see why people like me can’t do without them.