Soccer Field


According to a 2019 global sports survey, soccer is still the most popular sport in the world. It has remained so for decades. It is estimated that there are about 3.5 billion soccer fans in the world, most of whom are from Africa, America, Asia, and Europe. With a fan base of this size, it is no wonder why sports betting is one of the largest industries today. Bettors take chances every day to try to win bets. While smart bettors make predictions objectively based on facts and data, a large number of people still place bets based on gut feelings. In today’s world of free internet resources, the problem many bettors face is how to process all this information now made available online. People tend to suffer from analysis paralysis, a phenomenon where a person ends up not taking any decision (or placing bets) because they are overwhelmed from trying to analyze too much information. 

But all of that is changing now. Reliable sports statistics websites such as analyze complex data from more than 250 soccer leagues and cups around the world on a daily basis in real-time. The data is simplified so that anyone with a basic understanding of how soccer works can make decisions based on the information. When making match predictions, tracking and understanding statistics is the key to succeeding in the long-run.

Better Informed 

Predictions based on gut feelings might turn out positive results but not for long. When a bettor is well-informed, they rely their predictions on facts and data such as the weather at the time of the match, any injuries key players might be suffering from, general morale of the team based on previous performances and their current opponent, and many more technical data. At SoccerStats247, a user will find all the necessary information they need without feeling overwhelmed. 


Ranking is one of the more popular strategies that is used in sports betting. In soccer, sports teams are ranked based on their past records such as the number of wins, losses, and draws, among other statistics. The stronger a team is, the higher they are ranked. With just one glance, this simple form of ranking allows bettors to know the general overview of the performance of teams in a league or cup. Ranking makes tracking statistics so much easier when making match predictions. Generally, the higher a team is ranked, the better their chances of winning future matches. But an experienced bettor knows there is more to match predictions than relying on ranks. 

Value Betting

Value betting, much like shopping for value in products, requires patience and enough accurate information. In order to make successful match predictions, a bettor should aim to find value bets in which a bookmaker’s odds is less than the actual probability of the match prediction occurring. The only way to know the probability of a prediction occurring is by learning the facts from football statistics websites such as SoccerStats247. 


Value betting is a win for everyone. But what makes successful predictions valuable is the tracking, availability, and understanding of soccer statistics.