Small business

If you run a small business then you will know only too well how difficult it can be to push for success. This is even truer in the early days of your business when survival alone can be a hefty challenge. I often work with small business owners that are looking to become more efficient and streamlined in what they do, so that they can push forward to success. Something which very often surprises me about these small business owners is how few of them are using social media as a away to grow their business. Very often I find that the reasons behind this is that they don’t understand the potential of social media. If you are a small business owner that is not using social media, here are just some of the benefits which this platform can have on your business.


Small businesses do not usually have a great deal of resources to spend on staffing and so it is important that they get the right people in place. It is precisely for this reason that a social media channel such as LinkedIn can greatly help your business. LinkedIn is a social media channel for professionals and you can use this to post job vacancies, as well as using it to find people who you think could fit the bill. If your company relies on temp workers to keep costs down, you could also use an app such as ShiftPixy which connects businesses with available part time shift workers in your region.


Working out how much to spend as a small business on digital marketing can be very tough and whilst it will bring in revenue eventually, many businesses need the money in-house rather than with marketers. For this reason social media is the perfect solution as you can use this tool to market your business and its products to millions of people in the click of a button. Through the sharing of videos, photos and written updates, you can connect with the world and show off exactly what your business is all about. The level of exposure which social media can give you is incredible and if you aren’t active on social media, you will be missing out on a huge amount of business.


it is rare that you would be able to interact directly with your customers but with social media that is exactly what you are able to do. You can work on creating trust between your customers and yourself by adding a human element to your business. Customers are faced with so many companies who are doing and selling the same things, that it can be hard for them to decide who to go to, and customer loyalty is very rare these days. If however, you are bale to directly engage with potential and existing customers, you can give them the confidence that you are the business for them.